Sun Sets on Tower Video

Tower Video - 2012


Axl Rose - SlashIconic Sunset Strip landmark Tower Video, the timeless neon-lit hub of hipster activity that was the main spot to head to for concert tickets and music videos, has become a pile of rocks. Earlier this month crews began to deconstruct the famous spot that once employed a pre-rock star Axl Rose as its night manager and Guns N’ Roses bandmate Slash as a counter clerk.

In the fall of 2006, as Internet music piracy and iTunes began to claim their stake on the Net, Towers’ chain of music and video stores filed for bankruptcy after 46 years as the go-to place for discovering exciting new bands and picking up tickets to L.A.’s hottest shows.

Tower Sunset Video Parking LotTower Video was located at 8844 Sunset at Larrabee, across the street from the defunct Tower Records. The split-level video store also served as a concert ticket venue, classical music annex and sold rock novelties. The store’s small back parking lot, where the photo on the left, of Tower Video rubble, was snapped, is the infamous location where Rose once challenged Motley Crue frontman Vince Neil to a fight over some trash talk. The incident sparked the singers’ well-publicized, longstanding feud.

R.I.P. Tower Video.

Check out what remains of the landmark location as it becomes rock and roll rubble.

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2 thoughts on “Sun Sets on Tower Video”

  1. Sorry to hear this!!! Another example of the computer businesss talking jobs!!!! i love interacting with people on a face to face basis!!!!! Was a place to find new music and congregate!!! xoxoooxoxo! We lost Our Tower Records years ago…. That was probably one of the Companies last hold outs!!!! Where can you go now a days to buy an album and hold it in your hand before you buy it!!! Probably best buy???Why should musicians bpay a fee too be on a staion that has ripped off there music???? even if you buy someones album, you should have to pay the musician a fee to play the whole thing on a streaming radio station!!!! I think the artist should be paid by that staion than!!!! If I were in a famous band… I would just give the crowd, one song on The album, and then a few partial demos, unless the station paid me for the whole thing!!! That is how it was back in the day….. Pay your artist for their work…. It is the right thing to do… Artists, protect your work too! Luv to all of my friends!!!!

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