The Offspring Cover Sunset


It’s the mid-’90s all over again on Sunset Boulevard — and we like it! In advertising, placement is everything, and Huntington Beach hard rockers The Offspring took that adage to mind and are plastered in a hard-to-miss historic spot on the Strip – on the shell of the old Tower Video. Seeing the band back on the Strip brings us back to the ’90s, when The Offspring were rockin’ future classics like “Keep ‘Em Separated” and “Come Out and Play,” and Tower Video’s famous red and yellow sign was casting a groovy glow over the corner of Sunset and Larrabee.

The Offspring poster is advertising the band’s new album, Days Go By. They’re certain to rock new tunes like the title track and, our current fave,  “Cruising California (Bumpin’ In My Trunk)” when The Offspring rock the main stage of the Sunset Strip Music Festival in August!


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