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Palm trees, Venice Beach and Axl Rose popping up in the middle of a Billy Joel concert…what’s not to love about L.A.?

Of course, there are a million reasons why Los Angeles rocks, but here are five that literally rock!

1. A GN’R legend and pop-rock superstar randomly pop up at Billy Joel’s 2017 Dodger Stadium show.

Dodger Stadium is the only place where you’re ever gonna experience Axl Rose rocking your face off during a surprise appearance at a Billy Joel concert.

Imagine our surprise when we were sitting at the Piano Man’s killer show at Dodger Stadium in May 2017, when one of our other favorite artists, Pink, randomly pops up to perform two numbers: Joel’s classic “New York State of Mind” and her recent hit “Try.” And then the show got even better.

A few songs after Pink appeared, Sunset Strip refugee Axl Rose also showed up and shook the stadium hard with AC/DC‘s “Highway to Hell” and later, Joel’s “Big Shot.” That unique and unexpected performance made us immediately appreciate the consistent unpredictability of Los Angeles.


2. Sipping a cuppa Joe at Coffee Bean Sunset and spotting Dave Navarro and Steven Tyler — at the same time!

After living in SoCal for longer than I have in my home state of New York, I am used to occasionally spotting cool famous folks at my neighborhood hangout, Coffee Bean Sunset. I’ve seen Good Charlotte rockers Joel and Benji Madden, music legend Russell Simmons, Spice GirlsMel C., legendary songwriter Diane Warren, and many other random cool celebs at the java joint.

However, I had never been in the presence of two rock gods at the same time. But there I was sitting on the patio re-reading David Lee Roth‘s memoir, Crazy from the Heat, one time, when I glanced up and noticed ex-Jane’s Addiction guitarist and one of my favorite ex-Chili Peppers, Dave Navarro. Then, about a minute later, I notice to the left, Aerosmith rock legend Steven Tyler strolling up to the Bean from Sunset. That was an unforgettable, random moment that I would likely never get at Coffee Bean Cleveland.


3. Catching hometown heroes Motley Crue rock ‘Home Sweet Home’ in the middle of Sunset Boulevard.

Coachella was fun in the beginning, and San Francisco’s Outside Lands still rocks, but nothing compares to seeing one of my all-time favorite L.A. bands, Motley Crue, rock my neighborhood, in the middle of the Sunset Strip, no less, on a hot summer night in West Hollywood. The experience was, in a word: stellar.

Standing in front of the Rainbow and watching Motley own Sunset with a rockin’ set of over 20 years of hits was an unforgettable experience that was pure L.A. The Bad Boys of Hollywood came home in 2011 to shake up WeHo at the Sunset Strip Music Festival mere feet from the band’s old haunt on Clark Street. In just over an hour, Crue proved without a doubt that they truly are the “Saints of Los Angeles.”


4. Random Hollywood streets hold surprisingly cool heavy metal history.

Residing a stone’s throw from the Sunset Strip’s Rock Row, you merely have to open a window and you can practically feel the energy and rock n’ roll vibe that emanates from the Strip. And like the immortal Lemmy Kilmister did, I love living within stumbling distance from my favorite haunt, the Rainbow Bar & Grill. So, you can imagine my surprise when I discovered while reading various rock star memoirs that my little WeHo neighborhood has a lot of awesome heavy metal history attached to it.

On Palm Avenue alone, one random unassuming residential streets holds some amazing rock and roll history. In his memoir, Scar Tissue, Red Hot Chili Peppers frontman Anthony Kiedis recounts his adventures moving to West Hollywood from Michigan as a young kid and coming of age on Palm Ave., where he and his dad would often venture to the Rainbow.

And in Slash and Steven Adler‘s memoirs, Slash and My Appetite for Destruction, respectively, both recount stories that took place on Palm back in the 1980s. Adler recalls first meeting Axl Rose when he passed him in the street on Palm, where Axl had just come from visiting Izzy Stradlin, who lived on the street. And Slash mentions that he can’t even drive down Palm today without all of the memories of debauchery surfacing. Palm is also where the full Guns N’ Roses band was walking up Palm en route to the Rainbow while sipping Night Train, and they spontaneously began singing the drink’s praises while improvising lyrics, which Axl turned later into the classic song “Night Train.”

5. Spotting goth-rock legend at the neighborhood IHoP.

Have you ever been out at a club or a diner and you’re looking around taking in the scene when you accidentally lock eyes with a stranger? Then you try to look away because now it’s awkward? Well, imagine if that happened to you at the local pancake house, and that stranger was actually a rock legend.

There we were enjoying our Rooty Tooty Fresh & Fruity pancake platter at our neighborhood IHoP in WeHo when we noticed Trent Teznor sitting in the booth in front of us looking in our direction. We froze like a deer in the headlights, staring ahead, internally, all our brain could process was, Holy sh*t! It’s Trent *@#! Reznor! At IHoP!

After we left IHoP, we hung out for a second so we could ask for a photo with the industrial metal legend. He was cool and let me take a picture of him and my friend together.




Myles Kennedy & SlashGuitar Center has just released a badass sneak-peek at the upcoming Slash with Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators concert set to premiere on DIRECTV on November 7.

Taped at the Roxy on September 25, the clip features the rockers performing a scorching cover of Guns N’ Roses‘ “Nightrain.” Contrary to Slash’s shirt, the number definitely does not suck!

Catch the full show November 7 at 9 p.m. on DIRECTV channel 239.




slash-sunsetandclarkLegendary GN’R alum and Sunset Strip rock refugee Slash is heading back to West Hollywood and Rock Row in September to shred at three of the city’s most iconic rock clubs: Troubadour, Roxy and The Whisky A Go Go. The three-night mini-tour will have Slash reuniting with his SSMF 2010 guest artist, occasional studio collaborator and frequent touring mate, Myles Kennedy and his band Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators.

The band will first head over to Santa Monica Boulevard and Doheny and hit up the iconic Troubadour on September 23 for a headlining gig before cruising up to Sunset on September 25 to rock the Roxy. The party continues on September 26, when Slash and Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators take center stage at the world-famous Whisky A Go Go.

Get tickets and additional details here. See you at the shows!

Sun Sets on Tower Video

Tower Video - 2012


Axl Rose - SlashIconic Sunset Strip landmark Tower Video, the timeless neon-lit hub of hipster activity that was the main spot to head to for concert tickets and music videos, has become a pile of rocks. Earlier this month crews began to deconstruct the famous spot that once employed a pre-rock star Axl Rose as its night manager and Guns N’ Roses bandmate Slash as a counter clerk.

In the fall of 2006, as Internet music piracy and iTunes began to claim their stake on the Net, Towers’ chain of music and video stores filed for bankruptcy after 46 years as the go-to place for discovering exciting new bands and picking up tickets to L.A.’s hottest shows.

Tower Sunset Video Parking LotTower Video was located at 8844 Sunset at Larrabee, across the street from the defunct Tower Records. The split-level video store also served as a concert ticket venue, classical music annex and sold rock novelties. The store’s small back parking lot, where the photo on the left, of Tower Video rubble, was snapped, is the infamous location where Rose once challenged Motley Crue frontman Vince Neil to a fight over some trash talk. The incident sparked the singers’ well-publicized, longstanding feud.

R.I.P. Tower Video.

Check out what remains of the landmark location as it becomes rock and roll rubble.

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Rock And Roll Sermon: Slash

“Once you’ve lived a little you will find that whatever you send out into the world comes back to you one way or another. It may be today, tomorrow or years from now, but it happens. …Those coincidental moments that change your life seem random at the time, but I don’t think they are.”

— from Slash‘s 2007 self-titled autobiography

Slash Shreds On Sunset


Hometown Heavy Metal Heroes Make a Pitch for the L.A. Dodgers

The L.A. Dodgers tapped a couple of local rock n’ roll heroes to hype the hometown team in the summer of 2010 as part of the baseball club’s “This Is My Town” campaign, which coincided with the launch of the third annual Sunset Strip Music Festival in August. The promotion included billboards scattered throughout the city, including a notable presence on Sunset, and featured the likes of Hollywood bad boys Mötley Crüe, longtime Beverly Hills residents Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne and for some unusual reason, Canadian cheeseballs Nickelback.

Guitar hero Slash, a faithful Dodgers fan who rocked the national anthem at a 2009 Dodgers vs Cardinals home game, donned Dodger Blue (a denim shirt, which is close enough) for a billboard near Sunset and La Cienega in West Hollywood.

Crüe bassist-songwriter Nikki Sixx and Poison frontman Bret Michaels were featured in the campaign last year.