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We were walking down Sunset this evening sulking from neglecting to get tickets to see metal gods Metallica play L.A. in May when we spotted the Whisky‘s marquee and two words made us feel better right away: Hollywood Roses, the best GN’R tribute band around will be rocking the Whisky ion February 9.

Then two more words smacked us upside the head: Bullet Boys – on February 15! That, naturally, was followed by another two words: Hell yeah!

The best of late ’80s/early ’90s metal is slicing its way right back to the Sunset Strip and to that we raise our Bic lighters high!

Fellow L.A. rock refugees James Hetfield and Metallica will also be playing L.A. soon, when the iconic band rightfully receives the Ronnie James Dio Lifetime Achievement Award at rock mag Revolver‘s Golden Gods Awards Show at Downtown L.A.’s intimate-sized Club Nokia on May 2.

Also set to perform is Five Finger Death Punch, Dillinger Escape Plan and a bunch of other awesome bands. Tickets to this rockin’ once-in-a-lifetime event, unfortunately, are astronomical — plus, they’re general admission!

Catching Hollywood Roses and Bullet Boys at Whisky is definitely an awesome backup plan. Plus, with all the ca$h we’re saving by skipping the Golden Gods event, here’s all the other Sunset Strip shows we’ll be checkin’ out in the next couple of months:

Warner Drive @ Viper Room • Feb. 6 (and 13, 20 and March 1)

Fall Out Boy @ Roxy • Feb. 7

Lonely Drunks Club Band @ Viper Room • Feb. 8

Fan Halen (authentic down to the spandex Van Halen tribute band) @ Viper Room • Feb. 9

Buckcherry @ Viper Room • March 7-9

L.A. Guns @ Whisky • March 23  

Lizzie Borden @ Whisky • April 13 (Celebrating 30 years of metal!)

Dizzy Reed @ Hookers &a Blow @ Whisky • May 7, 14, 21 & 28

We’re also lookin’ forward to checking out Buckcherry’s support act Cherri Bomb again at Viper Room. OK, we admit we initially cast them off as a Runaways knock off awhile back…but that was when we were drunk and before catching them live and seeing the ladies rock the hell outta the Strip at last summer’s SSMF. Check out some rockin’ anthems below from the band’s that will keep alive the Sunset Strip’s enviable rep as the global anchor of authentic kick-ass rock and roll.

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Generally, when it comes to Metallica, we’d travel anywhere they may roam to see the iconic metal monsters rock a stage…but Detroit?! Um…WTH?!?

On Thursday, Dec. 20, the band revealed a few more details about its second official Orion Music + More festival, the two-day event that debuted  last June in Atlantic City and featured ‘tallica headlining both nights.

james-hetfieldOrion 2013 is set for June 8 and 9. However, unlike other major rock fests like Indio, California’s Coachella and Chicago’s Lollapalooza, Orion is heading out on the road and shifting locations to the Motor City.

“More information will be coming on this exciting partnership with one of the most unique cities in the country – Detroit,” writes the band in its announcement.

Now, we realize that the East Coast is still recovering from hurricane Sandy, and we’re not trying to diss Detroit or anything but…the Motor City could certainly use some help in the PR department. Leading thousands of metal fans into such risky — from what we gather from news headlines — territory is a bit unusual. So, unfortunately, we’re gonna sit this one out and instead look forward to the (potential) Rolling Stones gig at Coachella 2013 in April!




Sunset Strip hot spot Viper Room plastered its side wall, on Larrabee, with a cool new Metallica-inspired graphic Friday night. We don’t know yet what the new Club Lee Roy event, happening at VR on September 28, is going to entail nor what type of music will be shakin’ the woofers. But judging solely on the logo’s salute to Metallica, it already sounds quite promising.

Check back to SunsetandClark.com for upcoming details on the new event.

Classic Metal


Bulldozers have been coming uncomfortably close to the huge white skeletal remains of the historic Hollywood rock club Tropicana in the past few weeks. The defunct legendary ’80s club infamously hosted female mud wrestling, championed the local metal scene before the Rolling Stone cover stories and is justifiably immortalized in Motley Crue‘s classic track “Girls, Girls, Girls.” The Tropicana is where Vince Neil said he “lost my heart” The band even posed at the club with some of the wrestlers for the 1987 album’s inside sleeve (below).

Fortunately, the current crop of bulldozers rumbling next to the club’s former location on Western near Fountain are flattening the adjacent empty lot. The old Tropicana haunt looks safe for now, but there’s no word on what’s in store for the future of the empty former heavy metal hot spot.

Metalachi’s Gonna Rock You Like A Mexican Hurricane


Countless bands have rocked the Sunset Strip with cool covers of hard rock classics by metal icons like Metallica, Zeppelin and Ozzy. But no one has ever reinvented metal classics as badass and brilliantly hilarious as L.A. band Metalachi, the world’s first mariachi-metal cover band.

The KISS-inspired makeup and codpieces add a rockin’ edge to the souped up traditional mariachi outfits, but it’s the band’s mariachi-metal renditions of tunes like “Enter Sandman” and “Crazy Train” that steal the spotlight. And Metalachi’s velvet-smooth showmanship and loco sense of humor — they also cover Cheech & Chong tunes — make their shows more fun than downing a bottle of tequila and watching Spinal Tap again for the hundreth time. But what do you expect from a band with awesome aliases as metal as their music: frontman Vega De La Rockha, guitarist Ramon Holiday, violinist Maximillian “Dirty” Sanchez, guittaronist Poncho Rockefeller, trumpeter El Cucey and emcee Warren Russia.

Formed in 2011, the L.A. band is relatively new to the Hollywood scene but has already been packing Sunset Strip hot spots, recently headlining the Roxy on, appropriately enough, Cinco De Mayo. The Mexican metal heads have also nabbed famous fans like Billy Idol and artist Shepherd Fairey. Check out their tour schedule for upcoming SoCal shows, including the San Diego County Fair later this month.

Bang your head to Metalachi’s loco-cool cover of “Crazy Train” below.