Dogtown Design

Turning a found cabinet into a Venice tribute even Mike Muir might like.

Venice, California–better known as “Dogtown” by the locals–is one of SoCal’s most exciting and ever-changing hot spots that sports almost as much awesome rock and roll history as the Sunset Strip across town.

The ever-changing oceanside community was founded in 1905 as an independent city until 1926, when it merged with L.A. Of course, the area’s badass skate rats and hard-rockin’ locals put Venice on the map as a trend-setting artists mecca that has spawned icons like Suicidal Tendencies and the legendary “Z-Boys” skateboarders, the Zephyr Competition team that in the 1970s pretty much invented the skate tricks that we all know today. And, of course, Venice still sports some of the coolest graffiti art that you’re ever going to see.

Now, nostalgia has led to our latest project. The “Starry Night in Venice” book case was a ratty dark blue cabinet that I salvaged from a neighbor and decided to give a splashy makeover.

So, crank up some Chili Peppers to get in the mood and check out the steps to crafting your own version of “Starry Night in Venice.”



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