Ultimate Jam Night Hollywood’s Randy Rhoads tribute concert was a family affair at Whisky A Go-Go, with special guests Kelle and Kathy Rhoads making a guest appearance.

The Whisky’s long-running Tuesday night showcase Ultimate Jam Night Hollywood, which has hosted tribute nights dedicated to everyone from Metallica to Motley Crue, set it sites on the iconic music of Randy Rhoads on March 15.

The evening paid tribute to Rhoads’ influential guitar work as well as the songs he had co-written while a member of Ozzy Osbourne‘s band and Quiet Riot.

The show featured Ozzy’s greatest hits performed by amazing tribute performers and rockin’ guest artists covering two hours of the greatest heavy metal classics ever written.

Even the legendary guitarist’s brother Kelle Rhoads stopped by to handle vocals on a scorching cover of “Mr. Crowley” (pictured above).

Later in the evening Kelle was joined by his sister, Kathy Rhoads, and the two shared memories about their brother, including reminiscing about the night he left the family’s NoHo home to join Ozzy Osbourne‘s band on the former Black Sabbath frontman’s first solo world tour (above).

Plus, Randy Rhoads’ famous guitars–including the iconic polka-dot Flying V–made an appearance on what was truly an unforgettable evening of music and memories.

But the real star of the evening, of course, was the timeless and unforgettable guitar riffs of guitar hero and SoCal native Randy Rhoads. And just to be sure the evening was complete and didn’t miss covering all the bases, the evening started with an Ozzy opening band that also covered the early hits of the P.O.F.D.

And later in the evening, Ultimate Jam Night Hollywood’s Randy Rhoads salute included a faithful rendition of Quiet Riot’s “Slick Black Cadillac,” which the guitarist co-wrote and appears on the classic 1983 album Metal Health, which came out after Rhoads had left the group to join Osbourne’s band.

The showcase included heavy-metal classics like “Crazy Train,” “Flying High Again,” and “No Bone Movies” performed by supremely talented guest artists that included ex-Quiet Riot bassist Chuck Wright, former Dokken bassist Sean McNabb, BulletBoys guitarist Ira Black, Monkey Finger violinist Emily V, Red Devil Vortex drummer Eduardo Baldo, Rubick’s Cube L.A. singer Paulie Z., and frequent Jam Night guest guitarist Miles Schon, who did a thoroughly impressive job nailing Rhoads’ scorching riffs.

Ultimate Jam Night Hollywood pulled out all the stops for the special tribute concert, at times packing the stage with enough musicians to rival Earth, Wind and Fire just to get the songs sounding as faithfully close to the original classics as possible.

The two-hour showcase did an excellent job of honoring an icon with incredible covers of some of the most genre-defining heavy metal classics ever written. And the crowd of fans that spent most of the night appreciatively flashing the devil’s horns salute certainly were moved by the music.

Plus, it’s even more amazing when you realize that this was a jam night, where a bunch of local and professional world-class musicians got together to collaborate on the songs they love, delivered with so much passion and power that if the adrenaline alone didn’t transport you back to the awesome Eighties, you may want to remove your Swatch watch and check your pulse!


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