Gilby Clark covering the Rolling Stones at Ultimate Jam Night Hollywood.

Ultimate Jam Night Hollywood officially confirms it’s coming back to the Sunset Strip in August!

It has been a long couple of months trying to get used to some kind of balance of a normal life during this crazy corona situation that’s happening around the world. It’s been especially tough in Los Angeles County, where the mask mandate just seems to fluctuate with the wind.

However, I received some great news recently as I was walking down Sunset and passed the Whisky A Go-Go as it was hosting a surprise show by Yungblud.

I spotted Whisky’s owner and had to ask about the return of Ultimate Jam Night Hollywood, which is the greatest thing to happen to the world-famous club since The Doors was its house band. Mikael Maglieri confirmed that it was “definitely coming back, most likely in August.”

Eagles of Death Metal’s Jesse Hughes showed up to Jam Night on his motorcycle.

Then, a short time later, the official Instagram page of Ultimate Jam Night Hollywood confirmed that the night is coming back on August 24. Nothing could be more awesome than hearing that news, because that one single night is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen of the Whisky A Go-Go in my life, and I have seen plenty of shows there by the biggest artists on the planet going back as far as the awesome Eighties.

Miles Schon regularly showcases some stellar fretwork at Ultimate Jam Night.

Tuesday night’s weekly Ultimate Jam Night show offers a dynamic lineup of extraordinary local and internationally famous musicians that often includes surprise guests.

Blondie drummer Clem Burke jamming on a cover of “The Tide Is High.”

Past visitors included Don Dokken, Tiffany, Jesse Snider, Jesse Hughes, Blondie’s Clem Burke, Black Sabbath’s Bill Ward, Miles Schon, Madonna’s guitarist Monte Pittman, legendary The Sweet bassist Steve Priest, John Cougar drummer Kenny Aronoff, former GN’R guitarist Gilby Clark, Nerd Halen’s Hal Sparks, Quiet Riot’s Chuck Wright (who co-founded Ultimate Jam Night Hollywood), and many more. Each week brings the most staggeringly talented collection of musicians to the Whisky’s stage.

Mega-talented Ultimate Jam Night host Paulie Z. covers some Maiden.

However, there is some shaky news that is an addendum to this good news about life coming back to the Sunset Strip. The same week that “Ultimate Jam Night Hollywood” confirmed that it’s coming back, the local L.A. news announced that the in-door mask mandate was also returning, starting July 18.

Guns N’ Roses’ Dizzy Reed at Rolling Stones tribute night.

Although the club is hosting some local gym nights and cover bands before then, the Whisky officially re-opens on July 24 with a headlining show by Steelheart. And the day after, local favorites Hollywood Roses tribute band, which is the greatest thing since the original Guns N’ Roses, is headlining the Whisky on July 25. That show is certain to make up for a year of hell and lock down. When you can bang your head to “Mr. Brownstone” and “Out to Get Me,” life is going to start to feel (and sound) good again!

Leif Garrett was made for rockin’ during a Jam Night performance.

So, stay tuned to Sunset and Clark for the latest news regarding how fast the Sunset Strip’s good times are going to roll out in the coming weeks. As long as they still are happening, I’ll provide updates from the Steelheart and Hollywood Roses Whisky shows!