Troubadour gets colorful, hopeful facelift as iconic venue sits empty.

During these turbulent times, it’s now that we can certainly use live music as a healing process and to combat the isolation caused by the lockdown. So, it’s especially unfortunate that the Troubadour, one of my favorite local live music venues, has remained empty for months due to the pandemic.

Recently, one of the nightclub’s promoters was on the local news lamenting about struggling to keep the landmark concert venue afloat during these unfortunate times. And like most music fans, I certainly feel the pain of these promoters and clubs that strive to continually bring in quality artists that are keeping rock n’ roll alive.

And I certainly hope that this iconic venue continues to forge ahead and host future rock superstars on its stage very soon. But in the interim, the empty club’s exterior recently received a splash of life courtesy of a vibrant new mural by talented Long Beach artist Melanie Cristo. The artwork is fun and vibrant and hopeful, and it’s a stark contrast to the club’s marquee that reads: “Save Our Stages.”

The best always rise to the top, so I’m confident that the Troubadour will flourish once again. I just hope it’s soon because I’m going through live-music withdrawal.


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