Geoff Tate’s Whisky show proves he’s still king of prog-metal.

Former Queensryche frontman Geoff Tate delivered a mind-f*** at the Whisky on August 17, and fans couldn’t get enough of the hard-rockin’ hits crushing their cabezas. Tate’s timeless classics had the crowd of 200 or so fans fist pumping and singing along throughout the nearly two-hour set that celebrated the 30th anniversary of Queensryche’s 1988 breakthrough album, Operation Mindcrime.

Promising to perform the prog-metal masterpiece in its entirety, Tate and his band delivered a faithful rendition of the 15-song concept album that saw his talented daughter, Emily Tate, guesting on vocals on “Sister Mary.” The multi-platinum Operation Mindcrime is one of Queensryche’s most memorable and successful releases, and arguably the Seattle band’s best album. And Tate and company blew the roof off the Whisky A Go-Go performing perfect renditions of the classic rock hits.


Following the track list of Operation Mindcrime, the band included the pre-taped intro and instrumental before tearing into one of the album’s biggest hits, the anthemic “Revolution Calling,” which immediately set the night on fire. And the hits just kept on coming, non-stop and full-throttle – from “Operation Mindcrime” and “I Don’t Believe in Love” to “Eyes of a Stranger,” bringing back the glorious sound and vibe of classic old-school progressive-metal. And Operation Mindcrime — and Tate — never sounded better.

Making an awesome set even better, Tate and his band returned for an encore that included many hits from Queensryche’s Operation Mindcrime follow up: 1990’s hits-packed Empire. Tate tore through scorching renditions of the title-track as well as “Jet City Woman,” “Best I Can,” and, of course, “Silent Lucidity.”

By the time the last note ended, it was already apparent that Tate, who departed from Queensryche six years ago, is still the king of progressive metal.


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