Rock Row Refugee Alec Monopoly & a Giant Golden Skull Stop Traffic on Melrose

The Sunset Strip’s Rock Row has, of course, helped launch some of the greatest bands on the planet. And while the Whisky and Roxy continue to give rise to the next big rock bands, the venues’ exterior walls and surrounding area have long been a virtual canvas for street artists who often tag the hot spots with their original work. In fact, Sunset and Clark is a longtime fan and supporter of SoCal’s wickedly talented street artists.

Longtime L.A. artist and NYC transplant Alex Monopoly is just one of many high-profile artists whose whimsically socio-political artwork was plastered all over the Sunset Strip long before folks like Miley Cyrus and Snoop Dogg began paying big bucks for his graffiti art. 

Nowadays, the artist also known as Alec Andon, whose work reportedly sells for up to $50,000, is stopping traffic a few blocks away on Melrose Avenue. 

A WeHo staple since 2015, La Galerie Montaigne is featuring some of the elusive artist’s sculptures and graffiti art. Of course, all the usual. Suspects are there, including Monopoly Man and Ri¢hie Ri¢h, the cartoon trendsetter who was using money signs in his moniker long before Ke$ha

Check out the display at 8619 Melrose, where one of the best Monopoly pieces sits in the window. A slowly-revolving Monopoly Man sculpture painted in shiny gold and vibrant reds and blues is set front and center facing Melrose and Huntley. And if that isn’t enough to stop traffic, the slick Ri¢hie Ri¢h graffiti art set behind him will do it. 

Competing for the spotlight is artist Philip Pasqua‘s spectacular golden skull sculpture adorned crown-like with butterflys that itself is a must-see for any fan of awe-inspiring pop art. Check it out the next time you’re grabbing a cuppa Joe at nearby and ever-popular Urth Cafe.

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