Holy Diver! Dio’s Band Is Bringing RJD’s Metal Masterpieces to the Whisky!

The master musicians that backed up the almighty Ronnie James Dio on most of his metal classics will be headlining the Whisky A Go-Go on July 14. Current Def Leppard shredder Vivian Campbell is rejoining his former bandmate, legendary drummer Vinny Appice, and bringing their Dio tribute band, Last in Line, to the Sunset Strip.

The toughest job of the night goes to Andrew Freeman, who will man the mike to help the guys cover RJD’s unforgettable hits, like “Holy Diver” and “Hungry for Heaven.” The band will also be rocking songs from its original album, 2016’s Heavy Crown, which we think the King of Metal himself, Ronnie James Dio, would have approved. In fact, judging by the album’s kick-off hit,”Devil in Me,” the guys in Last in Line should have been appointed knighthood by now.


Formed in 2012, Last in Line was, of course, named after Dio’s 1984 album and was initially comprised of the musicians that famously backed Dio on his first three, career-defining, hit albums. Those timeless treasures include Holy Diver, Last in Line, and Sacred Heart.

“During that first jam it was apparent that the chemistry of the original band was very much intact – even after a 27-year hiatus,” recalls the band on its website. “…Hearing Andrew’s interpretations of the original Dio songs was a revelation and the inspiration to move forward as a band.”

‘If you look at the writing credits on the first three records, it was very, very much a collaborative creative venture.’ 

Bassist Phil Soussan, a legend in his own right, has replaced original member Jimmy Bain, and Erik Norlander will be providing the unforgettable keyboard riffs, having replaced Claude Schnell in 2016.

Although Last in Line may have revised its lineup over the years due to unforeseen tragedies and other reasons, Campbell wants to make it clear that any other Dio tribute band, including the controversial, Wendy Dio-approved Dio’s Disciples, are not the real deal.

Dio Last - 1000

“We’re the original band,” guitarist Campbell said in an interview last year. “We’re the guys who formed the band with Ronnie. Not only were we in the band, but we wrote all the songs with Ronnie. If you look at the writing credits on the first three records, it was very, very much a collaborative creative venture. That’s what made the early Dio records so strong.”


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