GreystoneAs much of the country is facing a snowstorm and L.A prepares for a rainy week, we decided to take advantage of Tuesday’s brief break of decent weather and take a stroll to Greystone Mansion Park, just around the bend from Doheny and Sunset Boulevard and bridging the rock and roll excess of the Strip with the exotic indulgence of Beverly Hills. It was cool to see the famous location’s generally empty interior sporadically decorated with Christmas decorations (for whatever reason). The room above was used in The Bodyguard and us where Whitney Houston is first introduced to Kevin Costner in front of the fireplace.

ViewThe Greystone Mansion and its rolling grounds provide a public oasis for the locals and offers an incredible view of Los Angeles. The mansion has famously been used as an example of indulgence in countless music videos and every classic film from the Toby Maguire-era Spiderman trilogy and The Big Lebowski to Austin Powers: Gold Member and X-Men.

Ozzy Osbourne fans will recognize the lush landscape as the spot where the POFD used to curb his pooch on The Osbournes — Oz and family used to live next door. (Considering the huge “No Dogs” sign on the property, rebel rocker Ozzy and his pooches were characteristically breaking the rules.)

Enjoy a virtual tour below.





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