23rd Annual KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas - Night 1


ITUNESFortunately, during the holidays, rockin’ power couple Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale think it’s better to give than to receive. The O.C. rocker and her husband have just gifted fans the perfect remedy to shake those ubiquitous holiday tunes from your head by releasing an iTunes version of their recent cover of Bush‘s 1995 hit “Glycerine.” The dynamic duo covered the song at KROQ‘s “Almost Acoustic Christmas” show at Gibson Amphitheatre during Bush’s set on Dec. 8. (No Doubt played the next night.) Check out the performance below!


3 thoughts on “SOUND OF WINTER”

    1. I’ve heard it before but can’t understand how people don’t like Gwen Stefanie. Barring her solo suff, she’s great. She rocks on this Bush track, and the songwriting, vocals and eclectic songs on the new ND album are among the band’s best so far.

      1. I think it’s her solo stuff that turned me off. I never minded No Doubt. I always thought they were cool and I’m glad they’re back.

        Sounds like I need to download the Bush track!

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