C’mon, Feel the Noize



Taking a break from finishing up his new album, Fool’s Gold, hip-rock hooligan Big B dropped a preview of it online via HipHopDX. On Dec. 1, the music website premiered “Nothin’ to Prove,” a tight track with enough attitude to topple Fort Knox.

Picture 2The Vegas-based rapper is currently recording his follow-up to 2011’s Music for Misfits. And by the sounds of it, “Nothin’ to Prove” hints that Fool’s Gold holds the same weight as its rockin’ predecessor.

On the new album’s debut track, B unapologetically drops stories about his history of crime and rhyme and delivers another groovy and gritty ode to drinkin’, dissin’ and dropping awesome outlaw anthems. There’s a whole lotta cool sounds — from cosmic synth lines to rock percussion — going on in the track, melding seamlessly with B’s killer delivery and destroying any haters along the way.

Listen to “Nothin’ to Prove” at HipHopDX. Big B plays The Whisky Dec. 27.

We’re still rockin’ Music for Misfit’s breakthrough hit, “Before I Leave This Place.”


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