Fully Loaded

Warner Drive


Never say Monday nights in L.A. are boring because local buzz band Warner Drive proved that it just ain’t so. The five-piece power-rock band shook the amps at the Sunset Strip’s House of Blues on December 3 with a spectacular set from their arsenal of original arena-ready rock songs. The band also premiered an awesome new track from WD’s upcoming third studio album, due out in early 2013.

Jonny LawFrontman Jonny Law, sporting a NOFX T-shirt, set things off with the melodic rocker “Ok K-Go” from WD’s latest release, K-Go!, and immediately had the packed venue moving and grooving with a frenzied fervor of rock and roll ecstasy that would make Fat Mike proud.

Confident that they have the chops to keep the crowd amped for the band’s entire set, Warner Drive choose to crank up its signature song, “The Scarecrow,” early in its set, and judging by the audience’s enthusiastic reaction and sing-along, it was apparent that most of the crowd was here for WD, which was opening for Steel Panther.

kgoWarner Drive rounded out its set with nearly a half-dozen tracks from K-Go! and a few more from the band’s 2005 debut, Fully Loaded, before showcasing a rockin’ new tune, “King of Swing,” which Law penned as a tribute to his dad, who, he mentioned, recently passed away from leukemia.

“But this isn’t a sad song,” Law said before launching into the anthemic rock jam whose chorus promises that “everything is gonna be alright” and proves that Warner Drive – which also includes bassist Elvis James, drummer Jonny U and guitarists Ryan Harris and Candice Levinson —  is only getting more awesome with each gig.


8 thoughts on “Fully Loaded”

  1. This reveiw didn’t describe what its like to be at a WD show!!!! Just being on the recieving end of there brutal dose of pure fun is an epic feeling undescribable for words!!!!! There!!!! Now the reveiw is complete!!!! =P

  2. Love the review!!! This band is amazing!! Been a fan since the original line up & couldn’t be more faithful now. They always rock the house & bring out an amazing fan base at EVERY show…Glad to see the news is finally spreading about them the way it should ❤

  3. That show was incredible
    Warner drive really brought the house down with that one
    Saw the event on their Facebook page about 2 days before saying the had a last minute show they were doing
    It was really a trip watching so many people clear outta there after warner drive and before the headliner
    By the time I checked the message they already had over 100 people showing up
    I’m just glad I was able to see them in these smaller venues before they start selling out arenas
    Can’t wait for there next show
    I’ll be the one in the front row singing every word to every song

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