Lies, Part II?


In what seems like a real-life B-rate Groundhog Day, fallen starlet Lindsay Lohan has been arrested again. But while LiLo’s arrest news is not surprising, it does come with a shocking twist — Slash has come to her defense!

The ex-Guns N’ Roses guitar god sent out a tweet last night calling Lohan’s newest arrest for hit and run in NYC as “being blown out of proportion.”

Although it’s a little unexpected that the hard rock icon would take a moment from his current Apocalyptic Love tour with Myles Kennedy to defend a former Disney starlet, it sort of makes sense given Slash’s awesome, inspiring story — revealed in his 2007 memoir Slash — of dealing with recovery from alcohol and drugs, and that LiLo was reportedly coming from his Hammerstein Ballroom show when the accident occurred.

The Velvet Revolver rocker’s compassionate reaction to the sordid situation and his defense for the trouble starlet also proves another thing: Slash rocks!

Check out the tweet below.

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