Runaways Talk Reunion



Rock fans have already witnessed once-feuding members of iconic superstar bands like Fleetwood Mac and L.A.’s Van Halen and the Eagles bury the hatchet and regroup for sold-out reunion tours.

And now comes word that another great L.A. group once torn apart by personal turmoil within the band is hinting at a reconciliation.

Lita FordHeavy metal vixen Lita Ford (right) mentions in a new Los Angeles Times interview that she has been in recent contact with her former Runaways bandmates Joan Jett and Cheri Currie and is jonsing for a rockin’ reunion with the iconic all-girl band that smashed sexiest stereotypes in music in the ’70s to become a successful hit-making machine that rivaled the best work of their macho rock and roll contemporaries.

“It had been decades,” says Ford in the interview about meeting up with Jett late last year. “It was weird. When I saw her, it was like seeing Joan. Same old. She looked great. We always got along.”

Ford is cited as the main holdout that previously squashed any plans for a Runaways reunion that occasionally surfaced in years past. Now it seems that the fate of a reunion rests in Jett’s hands.

“Now’s a perfect time,” Lita tells the Times. “I’m all for it. I just need Joan’s OK.”

Sandy_WestAlthough a Runaways reunion would be stellar, it, unfortunately, won’t be truly complete. Founding member and the band’s kick-ass drummer Sandy West (right) died of lung cancer in 2006. And no mention has been made as to who would be taking on bass duties in a reformed Runaways, original bassist Jackie Fox or her replacement Vicki Tischler-Blue. The band’s last bass player Laurie McAlister passed away in 2011 due to complications from asthma.

Ford, Jett and Currie, however, are now the holy trinity of the Runaways and their prospective reunion has the potential to make this the biggest and best comeback since David Lee Roth and Eddie Van Halen shook hands again last year and traded in trash talk for an arena tour.


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